Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tim Hartley - Dirty Rock Tri. 1st Clydesdale!

Green Member:  Tim Hartley
Event: Dirty Rock 
Location:  Rockwall, TX
Class:  Clydesdale 40 +
Results:  1st AG
Local Knowledge and Conditions:  Having ridden Squabble Creek certainly helped - I was able to "warn" the slow pokes ahead of me about obstacles and sharp turns in the hope they would go faster.  I finally quit because that wasn't working.  I thought it better to say nothing and hope that they would wipe out - THAT finally worked to some degree and I was able to ride "free" for a few minutes.  
Pre-Race Strategy & Warm-Up:  My goal was to win the "BIG BOY" age group but also to be in the top 10 overall.  Accomplished the first but not the latter.  I wanted to push it on the swim but not to the extent that I was gassed.  I planned on being a little conservative on trails 1 and 2 then opening it on on the rest of the course.  
Lessons Learned:  #1:  in this particular race, always put down a swim time faster that what you can do.  That way you don't get stuck behind slow bikers on the trail.  #2:  Either blow your witness because others won't let you pass or be kind and hope and pray for a few passing opportunities.  I chose the latter and actually was able to pass quite a few bikers without having them hate me for it.  (But, I estimate I lost 2-3 minutes of time on the trail because of the combo of my poor swim estimate and slow bikers.)   #3:  Went an-aerobic on the bike in the final mile because I was so peeved about dealing with so much trail traffic.  So, I started the run sucking air and didn't really get in a groove until the start of the second mile.  
Special Notes:  Playtri rocks a great race.  Do they "own" Rockwall?  Also, FANTASTIC job Team ProSoap!!

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