Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tri-Athlete of the Month: Michael Dawdy

Michael Dawdy is the Athlete of the month for April 2009.

We chose Michael based on his team spirit, desire to help others, and dedication to training and obtaining his goals.

Michael traveled to the Lone Star 70.3 Triathlon in Galveston in April:
4 hrs 23min and some change, 16th overall, and 2nd age group.
You can read his race recap here.
An unbelievable result and great story!

In addition to his impressive results at the Lone Star 70.3, Dawdy has been helping several teammates reach their goals with specific programs and road maps. He has also offered to do an exclusive clinic for all Tri-ProSoap members on the "art of transitions". As a certified USA Cycling and USA Triathlon Coach (100 Best Trainers in America — Men's Journal), he is a very welcomed addition to the team as a true contributor to the sport with a fantastic attitude on the sport of triathlon.

Although not in the month of April, Dawdy also competed in the St. Croix 70.3 (May 3rd) which qualified him for a spot at Clearwater, FL for the championship. That means two teammates (Barry and Michael) from Tri-ProSoap represented at the World Championship event this Fall!

We congratulate Michael on his success in April and look forward to his leadership with the team to help members reach their specific goals. I have a message from Dawdy to expect a race recap soon of the St. Croix race including notes on "The Beast".

*Sorry I only had a picture of Dawdy's backside....But a good shot for our partner in crime, Rockwall Cycling!


Ironman at Law said...

Well deserved, Dawdy! Cograts. Looking forward to throwing down in November at Clearwater!

Billy Self said...

Man, with both of you guys in Clearwater, might be worth the trip just to watch! Get some awesome youtube footage too...