Friday, July 24, 2009

Dian's Disco

Name: Dian Fiala
Group: F 40-44
Place 13/20 AG 208 overall

Local Knowledege: My 1st time to race this course but I felt like I knew it because Michael raced it last year and he gave me VERY detailed descriptions of what to expect. There were no surprises. It was like he said. A bit hilly and chip seal on the extra part the OLY racers had to do and the middle part of the run was on the road exposed to the Sun.

Pre Race Strategy:
I kept to my normal routine the days before and the morning of. I really tried to hydrate as much as possible. I had several goals in mind for this race. 1. SURVIVE THE SWIM 2. Remain calm and focused and get a good pre race warm up running and swimming. 3. Finish between 2:42 and 2:47. I managed 2 of 3!!

I have excited about this race for a while! I has been a big goal to do my 1st OLY. I was nervous, but I knew I could do the distance. I knew I was one of the last girls out of the water. I quickly figured this out when the kayaks seemed to be escorting me in and taking up the bouys!:) I could only move up after the swim!
I didn't meet my time goal, but I can live with my performance. It was my first OLY and I am proud to have it under my belt. It is a hard distance. I had a great time and I want to do another! The encouragement and support from the TEAM is great. YOU ALL ROCK!!!

Lessons Learned:
I learned I can swim a long way and continue onward! After the race, I was tired, but I think I could have pushed a little more. I might have "saved to much" on the bike for the run because I didn't want to blow up (or DRY HEAVE heehee) on the run. I might have been a bit cautious. I fell into a comfortable pace. I "chatted" with a few girls on the run, which is nice and one of the things about TRIs I like, but I think I lost a little focus.

Future Goals:
I want to complete a couple more OLYs soon to better my time. I am going to take masters swim at my gym to get better.

The girl I was chatting with on the run mentioned that Pro-Soap is edible! And I was wishing I had some because I had dropped my GU in transition!!

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Billy Self said...

That is awesome..and yes, prosoap is technically edible, but it will not taste good. It's just a good safety feature for kids using the product. At most, you might need to drink milk to ease your stomach.