Saturday, November 27, 2010

Awesome race recap: Brian Young @ Ironman Arizona! Last IM for him. Special event.

Green Member: Brian Young

Event: IronMan Arizona

Location: Tempe, Arizona

Class (yours): 40-44

       Overall time






       M40-44          156/392




Local Knowledge and Conditions: Even though this was the 3rd time to do IM AZ, it was in November not April which would cause the conditions to be a little different than before.  Mostly flat but the winds could be a big factor.  The day proved to be windy with some rain; however, the temp was perfect for racing. 

Pre-Race Strategy & Warm Up: Pretty simple strategy of keeping up with nutrition, push hard on the bike with enough in the tank to have a solid run.  Do not allow myself to walk.  Be a supportive of others on course which has always given be additional strength.  No warm up, just race. 

Psychology: Do not give up!  Treat this as my last IM and don't leave anything on the course.  Enjoy the privilege of racing such a incredible race and take it all in. 

Race break down: 
Swim- the water was cold; however, with Barry's last minute full wet suit it was perfect.  I started 3/4 way back on the inside.  I hugged the inside most of the way and seemed to find a clear lane.  On two different occasions I was overcome with a pack of folks  When that happened, the battle was on.  Even though is was my slowest time by 3 minutes, I swam well. 
T1-  I focused on just getting out until I felt the need for the Port O Potty!  My plan was to wait until Barry and the rest of my support crew screamed, "Pee on the Bike!!!!"  So that was the plan.  I felt awesome coming out of T1. 
Bike-  I got a false since of security with the strong winds behind me as I went out on loop 1.  Ok, Barry's advice was good but after 3 P's on the bike I had to stop at turnaround.  Not a part of the plan but I could not race with a soar bladder, been there done that.  Coming out of loop 2 turnaround the fun began with hard rain and wind.  Hold on, stay upright and get as aero as possible was all that I could do.  Overall, I stayed under 6 hour pace until the last lap and finished feeling ready for a strong run!
T2- As always, I thought all I have to do is run a measly marathon.  Surprisingly a great feeling. Yes, much to my family and friends, I waited for a potty in T2.  Worth it when I needed to not stop on the run.
Run- coming out I focused on sticking with the plan - steady HR and proper form.  I was able to accomplish all of the above.  My form stayed strong the whole time, I only slowed down on aid station mile 20 and 21 to allow for strong finish.  I remember praying for ankle and hip pain to  be removed and allow me to run well.  God came through as always and allowed for a strong run.  Since I was watching my splits, I was not real sure what my finish time would look like until I rounded the corner onto the Famous Blue Carpet.  12:27 PR!!!  Glory to God for such an incredible experience!!!! 

Lessons Learned (Or Re-Learned):  As always, I was reminded of how solid training is sooo key to success at this distance.  Stick to your game plan and run your own race.  A truth for all of life --- God is the great endurance athlete.... He gave me the ability to push harder than I have ever before at at IM!!!  thank you....

Future Goals (include skills executed well and skills needing improvement): I am retired from IM distance.  I have been blessed with a very supportive family over the past 5 years and now it is time to give more time to them.  I was honored to race with such good friends and watch both David and Jason cross the IM line for the 1st time.  I will now focus on 70.3 and becoming faster!!!  Also, support all 5 of my girls desire to train and do more races  This will be fun!!!

Fitness (endurance, nutrition, hydration): I was in great shape and fully prepared for the race!  I need to do better at holding to my nutrition plan in the future to support the run.  Yes, Billy, I will reach out to Dawdy for some swimming advice.  ? has anyone else had Billy stand at the bottom of the pool and watch you swim?  Kinda odd.... 

Something funny that happened: As I was on the 3rd bike loop, a guy says "Are you going to let a girls pass you?"  That guy was David Prda.  Funny moment but also a proud one to see him riding so strong.  Not too much further and he disappeared ahead of me.  Barry yelling loud and proud in T1, "Pee on the Bike!"  and those around him saying, "really, he is going to do that on the bike?" 

Glad To Be Here!

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Jeff said...

Hi Brian, cool race report. I signed up for IMAZ 2011. Where did you stay while you were in Tempe? Did you like the place or wish you stayed somewhere else? Did you need a rental care while you were there or is everything in walking distance?