Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Green Member of the Month - October 2010 "Is that the Small Ring?"

Green Member of the Month - (by a landslide!) 

Mason Randall!
Comments from his teammates:
  • Consistent and improving every race.
  • Mason has such a great attitude and love of the sport.  He always brings a smile to race day, but definitey competes strong when he's racing. 
  • Positive demeanor.
  • His character in the midst of great performance.
  • Mason's solid performances, positive attitude at all times, and extreme success in preparation for Ironman Arizona. 
  • Mason has always been a little unorthodox when it comes to training.  He has been running at midnight or riding at 4am on Ralph Hall just to get his long training days in.  The man is crazy; however, he has motivated and inspired me the past 5 years!!
  • "He rode the entire US Open in the small chain ring.  enough said... Crushed a very tough off-road run at Austin 70.3"
  • Strong performances in 2 big races
  • He runs with Jesus, no wonder he's fast!
  • Apparently, he pushed Jason into the lake after the gun at US Open as Jason was trying to start his watch.... That... is... Awesome.
Mason Randall is recognized for his balance in life and priorities when it comes to having fun with his hobby.  
He is an inspiration in several aspects - Motivation to push harder in a race, consistent steady training and finding time to make it happen amongst a very busy schedule.  He is admired by teammates for his positive uplifting attitude on race day.  No matter what happens, he is going to be smiling at the finish line.
Thank you for being a part of our Green Team, Mason.  You are a fun addition to our small team.

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